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Measurement Module EMS DAQ R2

Measurement Module EMS DAQ R2

This module measures engine operation parameters, and collects and records engine and airframe operation data.

Lp.ParameterMeasurement rangeAccuracy
1Engine speed0 ÷ 6500 RPM± 10 RPM
2Rotor speed0 ÷ 500 RPM± 1 RPM
3Inlet air pressure0 ÷ 4 bar

± 0.1 bar

4Inlet air temperature-20 ÷ 200ºC± 2ºC
5Oil pressure0 ÷ 10 bar± 0.1 bar
6Oil temperature-20 ÷ 200ºC± 2ºC
7Cylinder head temperature-20 ÷ 200ºC± 2ºC
8Exhaust gases temperature-50 ÷ 950ºC± 5ºC
9Fuel level18 ÷ 120 l± 1 l
10Trim (pitch and roll) signal0 ÷ 10 V± 0.1 V
11Engine operation time ± 1 s
12Total engine operation time ± 1 min

1Measurement range depends on the type of sensor

The module is to be installed in engine compartment. The connectors in its casing attach the device to sensors being a standard equipment of ROTAX 912 UL, ULS and 914 engines as well as to additional sensors of fuel level and inlet air pressure. The module measures input signals and transmits them digitally to the displays. The signals are analysed for instances of crossing thresholds of engine operating parameters. Thresholds are defined in the engine specification. The module records statistics on operation near threshold values. Moreover, it processes data transmitted from the AUX AVS 2 measurement module.

The data stored in the module’s memory are:

  • engine operation time since last start,
  • total engine operation time (HOBBS),
  • threshold crossing statistics: what parameter, when (in terms of engine operation time), for how long, what was the maximum overrun value.

The engine operation time since last start and the total engine operation time are displayed in one of the system’s displays. The remaining records can be accessed by attaching the module to a PC by means of a dedicated interface.

The module’s casing is made of ABS polymer to assure durability and low weight. Cable openings are sealed by means of sponge gaskets.

Dimensions (width x length x depth) 80 x 120 x 28 mm
Mass160 g
Power supply12 V  (< 80mA)

For details see the manual.