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Measurement Module AUX AVS 2

Measurement Module AUX AVS 2

This module measures air speed, altitude and climb rate.

The module is equipped with a static pressure sensor to measure ambient pressure. On the basis of the ambient pressure and the reference pressure set by the pilot, the module calculates the altitude and vertical speed. The module is also equipped with a differential dynamic pressure sensor that provides input for calculation of the air speed. This sensor is attached to the total pressure inlet of the Pitot tube The module has two electrical connectors: one for digital transmission to the displays and to the engine parameter monitor DAQ, the other – for communication with the display brightness potentiometer. The potentiometer is a separate component of the IAS.

The module’s casing is made of ABS polymer to ensure structural strength and low weight of the component.

Dimensions (width x length x depth) 74 x 120 x 32 mm
Mass85 g
Power supply12 V  (< 12mA)
Measured parameters


Vertical speed

Air speed

Measurement range0 ÷ 4000 m± 12 m/s25 ÷ 250 km/h
Accuracy± 8 m± 0,2 m/s± 5 km/h

For details see the manual.