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Display type EEM MOT 01 FE01.01

Display type EEM MOT 01 FE01.01

This instrument presents basic engine parameters: engine speed, inlet air pressure, oil pressure, and oil temperature.

The casing is made of anodised aluminium. The LCD display is protected by high quality acrylic cover with anti-glare coating. This makes the device durable and easy to maintain.

The readings are displayed in both digital and graphical form. For immediate recognition of the status, colour codes are used. If the air speed stays within the desired range, the instrument displays values in green. If the warning threshold is crossed, the instrument informs the pilot by changing the colour of graphs and digits to orange. If alarm levels are reached, the digits and graph bars turn red. The threshold values (both upper and lower) are to be defined by the buyer at placing an order.

Dimensions (height x width x depth) 85 x 85 x 67 mm
Display diameter∅ 80 mm
Mass175 g
Power supply12 V (< 85mA)
Displayed parameters1

Engine speed


Inlet air pressure

(kPa, bar, inHg)

Measurement range 10 ÷ 6000 km/h28 ÷ 50 inHg
Operation thresholds1

Warning (orange):

  • Between 1400 ÷ 1600 RPM
  • Between 5500 ÷ 5800 RPM

Alarm (red):

  • Under 1400 RPM2
  • Above 5800 RPM

Warning (orange):

  • Between 43 ÷ 46 inHg

Alarm (red):

  • Above 46 inHg
 Displayed parameters1

 Oil pressure

(bar, inHg, mmHg)

 Oil temperature

(°C, F)

Measurement range 10 ÷ 7.5 bar0 ÷ 140 °C
Operation thresholds1

Warning (orange):

  • Between 1.0 ÷ 2.5 bar3
  • Between 5.0 ÷ 7.0 bar

Alarm (red):

  • Under 1.0 bar3
  • Above 7.0 bar

Warning (orange):

  • Between 50 ÷ 60°C
  • Between 110 ÷ 130°C

Alarm (red):

  • Under 50°C
  • Above 130°C

1 Units and values to be specified by the buyer at placing an order

2 Active only if the engine was already engaged and its speed reached the desired operation level

Active only if engine speed is above 800 RPM

For details see the manual.