Flight Data System FLS

The Flight Data System FLS is a part of the Integrated Avionics System IAS, but may be used as an independent system to provide the pilot with basic information on:

  • air speed,
  • altitude estimated on the basis of static pressure,
  • vertical speed.

The system was designed for comfortable use and straightforward mounting. Care was taken to provide maximum readability of the instruments’ displays. A detailed characteristics of the system’s properties is provided on the About system page.

Currently on offer:


Set FLS AM1 01

Designed for ultralight aircrafts with either open or closed cockpits. The system comprises the following modules:

Module details are described below.

While placing order, please state units of measurement and threshold values for the flight parameters applicable for your aircraft.

Price VAT exclusive € 970 + VAT rate 23%

Price VAT inclusive € 1 193.10

System components:


Measurement Module AUX AVS 2

This module measures air speed, altitude and climb rate.

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Display type EEM MOT 01 FL01.01

This instrument presents air speed.

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Display type EEM MOT 01 FL02.01

This instrument presents altitude, climb rate and reference pressure.

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Display brightness potentiometer

The potentiometer is to be mounted in the instrument board. It enables the user to adjust brightness of all system displays.

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Each set comes complete with a set of connectors for attaching displays to measurement modules.

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